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Take advantage of the largest single market. Sell, Buy a Business or Franchise Online

Many small companies in the EU struggle to internationalize their business even with an open and fair trade framework in place. Only 25% of EU-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) export at all and an even smaller portion export beyond the EU.’s goal is to assist European businesses to access foreign markets and find new business partners abroad. Going international increases SMEs’ performance, enhances competitiveness and reinforces sustainable growth.

The European Single Market
With more than 500 million consumers, the European Single Market for products and services provides many opportunities for intra-EU trade. Our objective is to offer opportunities to businesses to freely move products within the EU and to International Markets. We assist entrepreneurs in finding new, sell or buy, businesses, franchise, new product lines provided by local and international suppliers, find sales agents and distributors/resellers. Many opportunities are supported by available business loans, venture capital, etc. Start a business career by listing (no charge) your requirements, here.

Offer a Business For Sale.

You can handle the entire process of selling the business yourself but you can also let assist you in finding potential buyers to the point of signing the letter of intent, or further.

When you want to Buy a Business.

Let people know that you are looking for a business opportunity under “Business Wanted”. You can handle the entire process of finding a business that meets your specifications but you can also let assist you with finding potential companies for you. It may quite well be that we know of companies through our off-line database that could meet your search criteria, or we carry out a direct search for you and can easily approach companies on a confidential basis.

Offer a Franchise For Sale or Resale.

Offer a  Franchise for Sale or Resale, under “Franchise Offered”. You can simply advertise a franchise for sale at and, if you want to accelerate selling your franchises, you can work with us in a dedicated approach marketing, selling your franchise opportunity.

When you want to buy a specific Franchise.

Publish a “Franchise Wanted” listing. When you want to sell a franchise you can list the franchise for sale (above) but you can also create a listing where you state to be looking for a particular franchise type. Also here can assist you in finding potential franchise buyer leads a.o because we have many visitors that register a confidential search listing for interesting franchise opportunities.

Are you looking for a Sales Agent, Sales Rep?

Publish a “Sales Agent/Representative Wanted” listing and get responses directly from your listing from sales agents, sales representatives, etc. for you to consider. can also assist you in finding, appointing sales agents and sales reps for you through our direct search and matchmaking services.

Are you looking for New Product Lines?

Create a “Sales Agent/Representative Available” listing and let companies know that you are looking for new product lines or other sales opportunities. will bring you in contact with companies that are looking for sales agents and sales reps and are registered on the website on a confidential or public basis.

Distributor Reseller Search

Companies can create a “Distributor Reseller Wanted” listing and receive responses in their account to which they can respond. Again, can assist companies by providing leads from Distributors Resellers from their on- and offline databases and by means of a direct search.

List as a Distributor Reseller

Distributors Resellers can create a “Distributor Reseller Available” listing and receive offers by companies that are looking to expand their sales-distribution territories and are in need of Distributors Resellers. can also assist Distributors Resellers by providing leads from Distributors Resellers from their on- and offline databases and by means of a direct search.

Sales Agents, Sales Reps, Distributors Resellers, can create “Looking for New Product Lines” listings and receive offers from companies that have new product lines available.

When you have a New Product Lines and are looking for Sales Agents and Distributors?

Companies can post a “New Product Lines Available” listing re the availability of a new product line for which they are searching Distributors Resellers, Sales Agents, Independent Sales Reps and other commercial agents. In both cases, can assist commercial agents and distributors resellers by providing leads from their on- and offline databases and by means of direct search.

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