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2020 Company value criteria

Gross and Net profit Gross profit is the total revenue minus the cost of goods. Net profit is the gross profit minus operating expenses and all other expenses. Net Assets The meaning of net assets refers to the total value of a company’s assets after their total debt has been deducted. A company’s assets can […]

EU Calls for tender – Make sure you are listed on the vendors tender list.

EU - Calls for tender

EU – Calls for tenders Call for Expressions of Interest to be part of the list of vendors to be invited to tender for contracts related to the economic analysis of trade policy. The European Commission has published a call for expression of interest to facilitate the procurement of studies and analytical work in the […]

How does it work?

chateau business for sale france

Take advantage of the largest single market Many small companies in the EU struggle to internationalize their business even with an open and fair trade framework in place. Only 25% of EU-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) export at all and an even smaller portion export beyond the EU.’s goal is to assist European […]

What are the different franchises types?

Thedifferent franchise types

The different franchises types Job-Franchise Typically, this is a home-based or low investment franchise that is taken by a person who wants to start and run a small franchised business alone. The franchisee usually has to purchase minimal equipment, limited stock and sometimes a vehicle. A wide and diverse range of services falls into this […]